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Handmade Timber Frames and
Architectural Accents

Every joint is layed out and cut by hand.  No CNC machines here.  We pride ourselves on using power tools to speed production while utilizing all our skill with the hand tools we have come to love. 

Antique tool for timber framing called a slick

It seems elementary, but we take it very seriously.  Each piece that leaves our shop is engineered to take the loads that each project demands.  Working with a local engineer, we have modeled each of our brackets.  We can match a bracket to your needs with absolute confidence.

The wood we use is at the heart of each project.  We work hard to source all our wood locally.  Donny Goss, our local sawyer, knows our business and can select the logs that best fit each project and saw them right here in NH.  

structural bracket handmade wood
detail of adzed wood surface using Sikkens wood finish




A beautiful Entry Porch for a house on Lake Winnipesaukee.



Beer Garden!! This 40' x 60' open air pavilion was a joy to cut.  We had a great crew and wonderful clients.



Adding on to a historical house in Salisbury.
Salisbury Addition.jpg
Glaim Porch.jpg
pavilion finished.jpg
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